Muraba Dia

Welcome to Muraba Dia, where the fine detail of top-tier design frames an infinite horizon.

Peace and seclusion

Inside: elegant, understated contemporary design and exceptional materials. And all around: the fresh, warm air of the Gulf. Muraba Dia residences are islands of privacy and calm.

Award-winning architects

RCR Arquitectes, designers of Muraba Veil, are past winners of the Pritzker Prize, architecture’s highest honour.

A home, above all

Feel light. Feel daylight and moonlight animate the spaces of your home. Feel the lightness of floating above the sea, with the perfect view.

Flowing spaces, fine lines

Inside a Muraba Dia home, the sense of lightness and harmony is amplified by seamlessly connected spaces, clean lines and impeccable contemporary detailing

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Muraba Residences

East Crescent Road

The Palm Jumeirah

Dubai, United Arab Emirates